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The internet industry takes its role in cultivating a politically informed and engaged online community seriously. Internet companies take meaningful steps to keep their users safe online, and continue to invest significant resources in content moderation and other safety initiatives.

Ahead of the UK General Election on 12 December 2019, the UK government has written to Facebook, Twitter and Google about the election campaign. In response to the request for advice for candidates, Internet Association is providing resources from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for candidates using their services. The purpose of these resources is to help candidates better understand:

  • What types of content and activity breach each service’s terms and conditions
  • How candidates can report directly to companies instances where they believe content may breach terms and conditions
  • The response candidates can expect from each company once an issue has been reported

Candidate Resources:

IA hopes that these resources are helpful for candidates. If there are any queries in relation to the information provided, please contact the relevant company using the details found in the resources.