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Boosting The Internet Economy Is A Great Way To Help Level Up Britain

The internet is an integral part of our daily lives, providing vital products and services, but most of us probably don’t realise just how much it contributes to our economy. In fact, the internet sector accounts for almost 400,000 jobs, 80,000 businesses, and £45bn in Gross Value Added to the UK’s GDP. New research released today… Read more

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The Internet Can Help Left-Behind Constituencies Step Into The Future

It can sometimes be easy to forget that the internet plays a vital part of everyday life. It makes a substantial economic contribution to the UK, creating approximately 400,000 jobs, 80,000 businesses, and £45bn in gross value added to the UK’s GDP.  Most importantly, the internet improves people’s lives with products and services that make… Read more

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Boris Johnson Must Get Behind Britain’s Internet Economy

For many of us, the internet is something we can no longer live without. It makes our lives easier and better. It allows us to connect with loved ones, build communities, access information and is driving economic activity at a significant rate of knots. At times throughout the past few years, though, that positivity hasn’t… Read more

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The Government’s Plans To Deal With Online Harm Risk Making Matters Worse

No one wants the internet to be a source of harm. Our industry has always carried with it the optimism with which the internet was born. The ability of a single individual to speak to the whole world, to be connected with the all the learning humanity has ever generated, and to be able to… Read more

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The Internet Is A Positive Force, Not A Menace To Be Controlled

The same tools that allow information to pass from one user to another, or to join a business with a customer on the other side of the world, can be put to bad uses by bad actors. But amid the torrents of negative headlines about issues like online safety and the use and misuse of… Read more

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IA Launches Office In The UK And Highlights Internet’s Benefits

Sometimes it can take a major effort to see what should be obvious. Take the internet and the companies that facilitate much of what happens there. To listen to many politicians over the last few years, it would seem that internet companies could not sink much lower in public esteem. But the picture is very… Read more

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Policymakers Still Know Too Little About The Economics Of The Internet

The internet is ubiquitous and essential in our daily lives. But to many policymakers, it badly lacks visibility. When it comes to the availability of statistics and real hard numbers about the contribution that the internet makes to the UK’s economy, there are a lot of blanks. The numbers that we do have, however, are… Read more

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London, UK – Internet Association (IA) – the trade association that represents leading global internet companies on public policy – today has unveiled a White Paper detailing the key digital provisions that should be part of any U.S.-UK trade agreement. Internet companies have laid out six key digital provisions to create a ‘best-in-class’ digital chapter… Read more

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