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Originally Appeared: CapX on July 23, 2019

For many of us, the internet is something we can no longer live without. It makes our lives easier and better. It allows us to connect with loved ones, build communities, access information and is driving economic activity at a significant rate of knots.

At times throughout the past few years, though, that positivity hasn’t always come through in the debate around the internet. Undoubtedly, the new Prime Minister will be keen to inject optimism into a number of policy areas as he seeks a clean break from the past. For tech and the internet in the UK, there is certainly plenty to be positive about – with the sector currently receiving a huge vote of confidence from consumers and investors. In 2018, over £6bn of venture capital was invested in UK tech – more than any other European country. And investment in scaleup digital tech firms increased by over 60%.

It has been reassuring to see promises by candidates during the Conservative Party leadership contest on tech that will build on this growth. Policies like delivering priorities such as fibre broadband would allow more people to benefit from the fantastic products and services that faster internet can offer.

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